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We have accomplished an innovative project using Augmented Reality (AR) to introduce Samsung 3D LET TV to the market.

The main element of the campaign was the Augmented reality (AR) application. The application can be downloaded from the microsite and saved on the computer. Additionally, to use the application one has to print out (on a piece of paper) a special marker that induces the Augmented Reality effect. Then, one has to place the piece of paper with the marker in front of the camera that works with the computer. After doing so, a virtual Samsung 3D LED TV appears on the piece of paper visible on the screen. It will seem like the virtual projection is actually real. It is because the background of the projection is the view from the user’s camera and his moves (and the moves of the piece of paper) are transformed into the Samsung 3D LED TV projection. Then, on the screen appears a TV presenter. The project included: the concept of the Augmented Reality project, microsite http://3dledtv.augmentedreality.samsung.biuropodrozyreklamy.eu/, a video presenting how the AR application works and emission of the viral.







The campaign includes graphic advertisements on entertainment sites, blogs (dedicated to technology, marketing, innovations) social networking sites (social media marketing) and creations of banners and mailings. The results have exceeded our expectations 🙂 over 96 000 downloads of the application, more than 130 000 views of the video, over 190 000 visits on the landing page and 52 news stories about the project in media. Click here to checkout the application.

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