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At the turn of 2017 and 2018 a new free Dada application was introduced in Google Play and App Store Dada: Dada na dobranoc.. Biuro Podróży Reklama agency was in charge of the design of the application and its implementation.

The bedtime application created by our agency is designed for parents who struggle with getting their baby to sleep or who want to create a pleasant bedtime atmosphere. It features the sounds of nature, such as the waterfall or singing birds, of home appliances like a hair dryer or a washing machine, and bedtime audiobook stories available in the You Tube Dada dla najmłodszych channel. In total, 22 sound effects and 26 stories.

„Dada na dobranoc” also allows creating individual playlists including the baby’s favourite soothing soundtracks.

Aplikacje: Dada na dobranoc i Uczymy się bawiąc

Application: Uczymy się bawiąc, created for the Dada nappy brand in 2016, was updated in 2017 with 4 new levels: American, Asian, African and Australian Animals.

Learning by playing is an educational game for the youngest children. The task is to match animals with the correct shape and contour.

The application was enriched with descriptions of the animals, for the parents or another adult to read, and individual animal sounds. Learn by Playing is a pleasant way for the child to learn about animals from all over the world, and to train its visual coordination.

Both applications were supported with promotional activities in which we generated a total of 66 000 advertising interactions.

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