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Our branding campaign for Schneider Pen was themed „What does your handwriting tell about your personality?”. As part of nonstandard marketing communication, we created and run a psychological test aimed at researching handwriting samples on a dedicated landing page “Letters&characters” literycharaktery.biuropodrozyreklamy.com.

To take part, one needed to write down and send the same sentence: “Every handwritten thought can tell more about you than you think. Words flee, but you can keep them longer with Schneider Pen”. Every participant was associated with one of eight custom personality types, which were listed on the landing page “Letters&characters”. Each type was described, visualized and correlated with a particular Schneider product. The received result of handwriting analysis, which was created by a graphologist, was shareable on social media.


See website >> literycharaktery.biuropodrozyreklamy.com

Biuro Podróży Reklamy was responsible for creating the idea, marketing strategy, creative concept, communication strategy, media strategy and its execution.

6-month campaign (May-October) was biphased: the first stage was online, the second – offline.

The online campaign was dedicated to establishing the website with the test. The scope of work included producing graphic creations, communication strategy and emission execution using such channels and tools as Google Display Nerwork, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook and Instagram.

The second phase included offline activities, which were run under the slogan “Pen for each character – see on literyicharaktery.pl”, used OOH media in the amount of 608 billboards and citylights placed on bus stops and in trams of the 6 biggest Polish cities.

The marketing mix in online channels gave 1,588 handwriting samples, 5 279 702 ads views, 42 222 ads interactions. Offline channels gave 82 774 902 contacts and 4 629 438 reach.

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