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Stomil Bydgoszcz S.A., leader in its industry, entrusted us with implementation of graphic and web development services as well as rebranding. In effect we’ve created a new, responsive website and digitalized interactive product catalogues in three language versions: Polish, English and German. We aimed our endeavors at refreshing brand’s image, presenting the products and improving customer service.

Website: stomil-bydgoszcz.pl/en

The main body of www.stomil-bydgoszcz.pl users are Stomil’s active and prospective clients from B2B sector: buyers representing manufacturing, service and trade companies. Therefore, creating the new website we decided to prioritize pro-sale UI. All the changes reflected the new vision and values of the company. Our UX let users find out more about the brand as well as search for products and check their (downloadable) technical parameters. We translated the webpage into Russian and English to serve international business needs.

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