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In the fourth quarter of 2009, for Philips, we have carried out a sales action on the occasion of Avent’s 25th anniversary. The aim of this action was to organise promotion of Avent’s products in 4 shops dedicated to parents of young children. The shops created  special offers of Avent’s products and advertised them (mailings and banners on the shops’ landing pages). Philips, through our agency, has provided a wider promotion of the action. For this purpose, we have used emission of sponsored links in search engines (SEM) and on websites (contextual advertising). On services included in the Google AdWards network, we have also emitted banners in the CPC model (next to the sponsored links).


Our responsibilities also included development of creative materials for the purposes of the action (graphics, banners and mailings).
It was our 3rd action accomplished for Philips in 2009.

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