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In 2009, we have implemented new version of OBI’s website. It was an international project that was aiming at standardizing its appearance and content in European countries. A German interactive agency DenkWerk was responsible for developing a concept and for usability of the new portal. Another German company, called GFD, has programmed the new website. Our responsibility was to localize the new portal on the Polish market and fill it with the content according to the general instructions.

The content of the new portal www.OBI.pl (and its versions on other markets) has been divided into sections: Start, The Offer, Advice, Services and Stores. The landing page includes information on the latest offer available in all Obi stores. In the offer section, one can find links to the latest e-magazines and e-catalogs as well as to Obi’s corporate newsletter. For those, who are looking for tips on renovation and construction works the section Advice has some very useful suggestions. What is more, in the section Services one can check out all the services available in stores (like mixing of paints or wood trimming). To find the nearest Obi store, one should go to the section Stores. Since 2011, we are carrying out SEO projects for OBI.



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