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During the second half of 2003, for mBanku, we have carried out an online contest “Festiwal Audiowizualnej Reklamy Internetowej mBanku” (Audiovisual Festival of Internet Advertising). We were responsible for developing the concept and creative elements of the contest and its emission on the Internet. Participants were to create funny adverts about credit cards. The videos were assessed by Marek and Michał Koterski. To advertise the action, we have created a viral spot “Tirówki” (Truck-stop prostitutes). The spot has been emitted on several online services dedicated to film and entertainment. As a result, the viral has been viewed by over 350 000 users. Besides the viral, the contest has been advertised by emission of banners, PR publications and mailings. The landing page of the contest has been visited by more than 110 000 users. It was one of the first online contests on the Polish Internet. It had subsequent editions and its formula has been copied by other banks.

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