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In the period of July – August 2008, for GP Battery, we have carried out an advertising project called “Polish Online Championships in Tetris”. The website www.gpbattery.pl/konkurs has been used as a platform for this project. The Championships were held on the occasion of an international contest related to the promotion of GP products and on the occasion of a premier of the movie “Wall-e”.

There were prizes provided for the winners. Besides the main prizes, every day the highest score was awarded with tickets to Cinema-City and GP Battery products. We were responsible not only for the concept and creation of the Championships, but also for the purchase of online media. The Championships were advertised through the  emission of banners  and  advertising boxes  emitted on services dedicated to the target group.


Over  8 500 players  have participated in the Championships and the hosting website has been vied by over  210 000 unique users .

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