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For Amtra, the distributor of Slime products (as well as many other products from the automotive industry, like Wunderbaum, WD-40), we have carried out a campaign, which introduced Slime – the sealant for bicycle tires to the Polish market. The action started in the spring 2012 and will last until the end of the bicycle season. For the purpose of the campaign, we have created a fan page on Facebook under the slogan “Gumy nie łapię”  (meaning “Rubber no catch”). Since the beginning of the campaign, we have managed to acquire over 15 000 fans of the brand, who enthusiastically share their views on issues related to cycling. In order to popularize our fan page on Facebook, we have emitted Facebook Ads and have organized contests in cooperation with other fan pages dedicated to cycling. The fan page also featured infographics about Slime and WD-40.



The campaign started with  ambient actions on the bicycle paths in Warsaw. As a result of those actions, 5 journalistic reports have been made, in which tubes, rubber, flat tires and the Slime are the main characters. Everything has been filmed by our bicycle-loving TV 🙂

We have set up a channel on  YouTube , where users can watch those  5 videos : http://www.youtube.com/gumynielapie . Our videos have been watched over  58 000 times  by bicycle enthusiasts.

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