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In 2017 we produced 5 line advertisements for three different types of Dada nappies. All the spots were broadcast in the You Tube: Dada dla najmłodszych channel.

We created short 12-second spots for Dada Premium 4 Maxi and Dada Little One Newborn. The concept of the spot was a theatre in which actors presented the product. Dada Little One Newborn line was presented by a mom of a newborn baby, whereas Dada Premium 4 Maxi nappies were demonstrated by a couple of sisters in a scene in which the older one was passing her wisdom to the younger girl. It was all based on a theatre-like theme, as seen through the eyes of a child.

The agency fully managed the productionoduction and broadcasting. We achieved almost 2 million viewings.



Watch the making of the spots

Another 3 short 25-second advertisements were dedicated to Dada Pantsy nappy pants.

The ads present a mom madly in love and her daughter, full of joyful expression and curiosity. The first part of each of the ads was dedicated the product’s specific benefit, while the other part was common for all the advertisements and talked about very vivid kids for whom the product was created. 😊

The first benefit presented was the ease of putting it on.

The second benefit was the freedom of movement, which the Pantsies allow thanks to their construction and softness.

The third benefit were the elastic sides which provide a perfect fit to a child’s body.

We have generated almost 1,8 million views.

Also for Pantsies, we shot the making of, in which we show bloopers with a little actress. 🙂

Także przy tej produkcji agencja była odpowiedzialna w całości za kreację, nagranie oraz emisję spotów. Na potrzeby kampanii Pantsów stworzyliśmy również reklamy graficzne wyświetlane na Facebooku, Instagramie oraz w Google Display Network, które wygenerowały łącznie ponad 78 000 interakcji.

In this production, like in others, the agency was fully in charge of the creation, shooting and broadcasting. For the Pantsy campaign we created graphic Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Network ads which generated over 78 thousand interactions in total.

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