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For our clients, we also operate as a media house. We are buying advertising space for display (CPM) or forperformance marketing (CPC, CPL, CPS) directly from publishers and advertising networks. We know what tools to use and how to use them to make our actions as cost-effective as possible. We are gladly using the strengths of affiliated marketing.

Currently, the Internet market is extremely delaminated. Some publishers demand very high prices when selling their advertising space, while others having huge spare resources are willing to share them on very attractive terms. We know about those resources and are using them with satisfaction to our clients. Since 2003, we have worked with over 400 publishers and several advertising networks.

We know the Polish user and services very well. We are keeping track of Polish Internet research and are using the latest solutions in identifying the network target.

We are optimizing our emissions while they are transmitted. We are changing creations and placements listening carefully to publishers’ suggestions. This way, our emissions are highly cost-effective.

Before buying the advertising space check how much it will cost with us.

Are you familiar with remarketing? We are carrying out online emissions of adverts, which are visible only to users, who have already visited your webiste in the past. Here you can find more information about remarketing >>