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Client in search engines is valuable. You can take over him, for example, when he is considering buying a competitive product. Seemingly, everyone knows how but not everyone is able to consequently acquire all customers through search engines in terms of unitary optimum budget.

Husking clients of our clients using GoogleAdWords is exciting for us. It is like a surgery with a nano scalpel, but on tens of thousands of patients simultaneously. There is no other as functional and sophisticated tool for the emission of adverts. SEM, by the means of AdWords, helps to identify users on many different ways (geographic targeting and using parameters like: age, reception devices, languages, days and times of emission) and combined with selection of particular phrases (in response to which the links will appear) or with landing pages, is as effective as no other mass advertising medium available in the world.

In September 2011, we have obtained Google AdWords Certificate. This confirms the high quality of services provided by our agency in conducting advertising campaigns in Google AdWords. It is also a confirmation of the fact that Biuro Podróży Reklamy is constantly evolving and uses new advertising tools offered by Google.
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Besides Google AdWords, we are also conducting campaigns in other systems: Facebook Ads, OnetBoksy, SmartContext, AdKontekst.