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Biuro Podróży Reklamy (BPR) prepared and implemented a summer campaign targeting young people with the leading actions #PrzyprowadźPrzyaciela and #TheAllEkipąNaWakacje for Almatur, Poland’s oldest travel agency. The campaign concept covered designing and producing online promos, T-shirts, videos and publishing video, graphics, influencer collaborations on both TikTok and Instagram, as well as multi-channel social media activity.

The starting point was collaborating with bloggers on contextual publications aimed at presenting the travel agency’s wide offer and extensive experience, and boosting SEO for the Almatur.pl website.
These activities resulted in 11 publications created and published by influencers including Miye, Madziof or Zuzka pisze, aimed at parents who are looking for a vacation idea for their children.

The next stage consisted of a detailed development of the creative and graphic part of the campaign, the effects of which were tested on the target group, i.e. young people aged 13-17.The result of this cooperation was a key visual, the characteristic element of which were statues, ancient monuments, set in situations of everyday life in the company of young people. This gave lightness, humor and a certain distance. It attracted attention. The style corresponds with brutalism and ugly design trends currently popular among youth. Embedding the campaign in such a style provided the opportunity to create 9 collage video animations, based on stock photos, along with sound design and voiceovers well known to the target group.

The videos created over the course of 5 months of cooperation were broadcast on the TikTok channel, Youtube and Instagram. The emission of films supported by advertising activities allowed it to achieve more than 5,000,000 video views on social media channels. Throughout this time there was parallel communication on social channels with active moderation to encourage discussion and answer questions about the camp offer.
The topics of the videos were adjusted to the planned, or current stages of communication of the promotion, action, general offer of the client. In the appropriate period of the campaign, the videos communicated, for example, the #BringBackTheFriend and #WholeCrewForHolidays actions, or talked more freely about the office’s offer.

Full list of videos:

Based on the completed video animations, static and animated posts were created on Instagram, which allowed us to maintain ongoing communication and contact with the audience.
Cooperation with influencers both on TikTok and on Instagram was an important element of the campaign. These channels bring together a significant portion of the target audience. Thus, 20 different videos were created on TikTok, in which the creators presented the office’s offer in a creative way. They acted out scenes or created chatter. They adapted the style of the material to the communication they do every day on the channel, so that the presented content was positively and unobtrusively received by their watchers. Activities with creators on TikTok generated more than 2,700,000 impressions and nearly 270,000 reactions. We have collaborated with such creators as Zetkacper, Alxyni, Mikuusiekk, Naataaliaap, and Toffiecrisp, among others.

There were 9 publications on Instagram in the form of posts and testimonials, and they encouraged viewers to browse Almatur’s camp offer with attractive photos and contextual descriptions. Exceptionally, 2 of the 9 publications were created by parents, running a social channel to support the client’s communication activities aimed at parents. Activities on Instagram were conducted min with such creators as s_himi, mavyt69, and Mama_psycholog_children.

The campaign made it possible to bring the offer of the Almatur travel agency closer to young people, also introduce them to interesting, unconventional youth camps, encourage them to read the full list of youth vacation trips, but also establish a deeper relationship with them.

Campaign results:

  • 7,320,714 video and post views on TikTok, Instagram, You Tube
  • 40,648 reactions to video and posts on Instagram, TikTok
  • 4,147 comments on video and posts on Instagram, TikTok
  • 1,814,337 video and influencer post views on TikTok and Instagram
  • 251,803 reactions to video and influencer posts on TikTok and Instagram
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